ZCISD Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Meeting

The following items were discussed with the family and community members:
    • Welcome by Mrs. Suzette M. Barrera, Federal Programs Director;

    • Minutes of the 12-1-22 FACE Meeting by Ms. Reyna Yanez, ZSES ARO/FACE Liaison; 

    • ZNES Update by Mrs. Elma M. Lopez, ZNES Principal;

    • FARVES Update by Mrs. Patricia V. Saldana, FARVES Principal;

    • ZSES Update by Mrs. Dahlia Garcia, ZSES Principal; 

    • STAAR Assessment Updates by Miss Ana Mariela Martinez, Executive Director of Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment;

    • Special Education/Child Find Updates, by Dr. Yesenia Garcia, Director of Special Education; 

    • The following announcements were made:

      • Family and Community members, who attended the meeting, were going to have a chance to win several door prizes and the grand prize was a smart TV.
      • Students, whose family attended the meeting, were going to be entered into a drawing for a XBOX and a bicycle.  The winners would be announced on the ZCISD website.
If anyone has any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Gloria Vela, Family and Community Engagement (FACE) District Liaison or Suzette M. Barrera, Director of Federal Programs, at 956-765-4822.

Congratulations to Adlesi M. Lujan, ZSES 3rd grade student, for winning the bicycle and to Jacqueline Salas, 9th grade ZHS student, for winning the XBOX that was raffled for students whose parents attended the meeting!